Are Picking Errors Costing You Money?

Picking errors create unnecessary cost: lost or returned goods, stock differences, credit notes, phone calls, emails back and forth. Watch our video and see how a RAVAS scale on your order pick trucks signals picking errors and enables you to correct these errors immediately, at the pick location, with the least possible cost. Realize immediate cost savings!

Are picking errors costing you money


The weighing scale integrated in your order pick trucks continuously measures the weight on the forks. The scale display is connected to your warehouse management system via wireless. After each pick, the WMS interrogates the scale for the weight increase on the forks. It compares the actual weight on the forks with the combined weight that the articles in the order line should have. If the picker has picked the wrong article, or an incorrect number of articles, the WMS sends an error message to the picker next to the truck, and the picker corrects his mistake. Picking errors are corrected where the cost is lowest: at the pick location.

Benefits & advantages

  • Cost reduction from eliminating errors
  • Cost reduction from cancelling final inspections
  • Performance of each individual picker monitored
  • Improved supply chain control
  • Documented quality of your services

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