Forklift Accessories for Additional Safety

As it is with any heavy machinery, operating forklift trucks come with a few risks to personal safety, their own condition, as well as the goods that they are handling. Even when taking exceptional care, accidents can happen; and when they do, they could end up costing your business a fortune, or worse still may result in injury or death. Having said that, there must be a handful of solutions out there which are designed to make materials handling less risky for forklift operators! Well, you can rest easy, these exceptional safety accessories will with that. Here are some safety products which will revolutionise the way you use your forklifts at your place of work.

Guidance Lasers

Manoeuvring the forklift around tight spaces and narrow isles may be challenging for operators and may lead to accidents that leave the truck, goods and operators at a risk of damage or injury; and this problem may be worsened in environments where clutter presents a number of obstacles. By fitting guidance lasers to the truck, you can make it far easier for your operators to drive the truck without facing collisions; essentially lessening down-time and making for a safer work environment.

Cab Covers

In many of the industries in which forklift trucks are used, hazards may come from overhead which may fall on the driver or cab, causing serious injury and damages. Even where small debris (such as dust and sand) is concerned, drivers may be obstructed or injured. To get past this, many business owners have come to rely on protective cab covers and cages which prevent falling debris from getting into the cab and causing damages or injuries. Warning Lights

Many workplace injuries involving forklift trucks come from obstructions of unwary pedestrians. To help employees stay clear of areas where a forklift truck is being operated, it is a good idea to invest in warning lights to make hazardous operations and areas clear to your employees.

Blind-Spot Cameras

Some forklift trucks may have odd dimensions, which can make manoeuvring them difficult or dangerous due to their many blind-spots. While this may not be a major concern for experienced drivers, though still raises the chance of accidents, whether minor or major. However, specialised camera solutions from companies such as Orlaco, you can eliminate blind spots when operating the vehicle, making for safer usage.

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These are but a few of the solutions that you can use to customise your forklift trucks to make them safer, easier to use and more effective. If you would like to know more about the accessories and products that our store has on offer, contact a representative from Micron Engineering today, or visit our website for more information.