Drum Handlers/Grabbers

Forklift drum handlers come in a selection of 1 or 2 drum capacity so you can increase productivity and efficiency in your factory or warehouse. Forklift drum handlers are also available with 1 drum grabber head or 2 drum grabber heads. If your drums are fairly lightweight or smaller in size, 1 drum grabber head will do.

If you’re moving heavier 55-gallon drums, a 2 head handler is recommended for extra secure lifting and transport because the handler grabs the drum at 2 locations around the lip of the drum.

The main features of drum handlers/grabbers are:

  • Mechanical gripper jaws grasp drum lip securely for better handling
  • Grasp drum automatically when drum handler is in the correct position
  • Forklift mounted handlers make transporting drums quicker and easier
  • No more men handling heavy drums
  • Helps reduce injuries from manual handling
  • Increases productivity by reducing manual labor
  • 1 & 2 drum capability as well as 1& 2 head option

Brochure: BGN series Drum Handler Brochure