Forklift Forks

Micron offers a wide range of forklift forks in all mounting classes and sizes. All our forklift forks are ISO 2328 and ISO 2323 accredited and follow a strict production process ensuring you get the best quality forklift fork at the best possible price. Each fork is subjected to a fatigue, static and resilience test to deliver a fork that is tough and capable to withstand the most robust applications.

Types Of Forklift Forks:

  • Standard FEM Fork
  • Pin-Type Fork
  • Pin-Type Fork with Lower Hook
  • Coil Handling Fork
  • Drum Handling Fork
  • Fork Polished and Tapered
  • Bolt-on Fork
  • Fork with 3rd Hook
  • Blank Fork
  • Lumber Fork
  • And even more…

Advanced Forklift Fork Production Process

Production standards for all Bolzoni Auramo forks are based on common key- features:
  • Innovative and highly automated production process.
  • Prime quality steel offering good welding characteristics and strong resistance to wear.
  • Reinforced fork heel, bended in multi-phase press mould.
  • Automated welding of upper and lower hooks with a robotic system, granting better quality of the welding, quality repeatibility and higher process speed.
  • Complete heat treatment with hardening and tempering on the entire fork, providing the best quality and reliability characteristics.

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