Hydraulic Forklift Attachments Can Greatly Improve A Forklifts Capabilities

Hydraulic Forklift Attachments

With engineering being one of the biggest industries within South Africa and many other countries, it is always necessary to stay ahead of the many competitors and challenges you will face. The use of forklift attachments can vastly improve the performance of the machine allowing for better productivity.

There are a wide variety of hydraulic forklift attachments that, when paired with the proper forklift, can greatly aid in improving the motorized machine’s capabilities. Forklifts, in general, are designed for lifting and carrying of heavy loads via the pronged devices at their front ends.

Micron Engineering has on offered a variety of hydraulic attachments, all of which exceed relevant Australian Standards for safety and operating capacities.

An interesting member of the hydraulic forklift attachments family is the fork tine positioner. Forklift positioners themselves allow for easy handling of various pallet sizes and configurations. Micron Engineering offer tine positioners in three different classes, 2, 3 and 4.

As hydraulic forklift attachments go, tine positioners add a great deal of versatility to one’s forklift capabilities. Quality positioners are always easy to install and connect. If your business handles many pallets, there’s also a high degree of certainty you’ll require other hydraulic attachments such as a heavy duty drum rotator. Models on offer also exceed the relevant Australian Standard for capacity and safety, with the ability to handle a 1000kg load.

As your business grows, and with it, a need for more forklift capacity, so too will your need to handle a wider variety of load configurations or activities requiring various hydraulic forklift attachments.

Micron Engineering offer hydraulic dirt bucket attachments, in fact. A bucket attached to your forklift allows it to act as a loader without a need to actually obtain one. Several other hydraulic attachments can extend your forklift’s capabilities to an even greater degree. All attachments delivered come with instruction manuals and certificates of compliance where required.

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