Telescopic Forks

Kooi Telescopic Reach Forks make it easier to do more with pallets, saving time, space and money. Whether it is double deep stacking, one side loading, dual load transportation or just hydraulic extensions, Micron has the telescopic fork for all your requirements. Continue reading

Roller Forks

The use of pallets in most companies to store goods is unavoidable. But what if you want to save time and space by sending your goods out without pallets? Roller Forks offer a new revolution in pallet-less handling.

Roller Forks are in fact ‘standard’ lift truck forks with two layers of rollers. When the bottom layer of rollers touch the floor, it causes the upper most rollers to rotate in the opposite direction whereby the forks slide under the slipsheet without disturbing the product. When the forks are lifted up, the rollers ‘fall’ downwards and place the product securely on the upper side of the forks, enabling the product to be unloaded in the opposite loading order. Continue reading

Appliance Clamp

Micron Appliance Clamps are widely used in the handling of ‘white goods’, both in factories and warehouses, as well as other types of materials packed in cartons. The large surfaced arm pads, along with the high-friction vulcanized rubber lining, allow load handling with a reduced clamping pressure. This grants safe handling and reduces load damage risk. The arms have a rigid structure in order to ensure a uniform clamping force on the load surface.

I-Move:  The intelligent solution to damage-free handling of white goods.

In the white goods industry the handling problems caused by the use of incorrect clamping force create a serious risk of damaging products. Insufficient pressure results in the product being dropped while too much pressure can crush it. Continue reading

Multi Pallet Handler

Micron multi pallet handlers or single double pallet handlers, can through hydraulic positioning of the forks, pick up one or two pallets at a time. This can dramatically reduce handling time, with an important cost reduction during storage or loading and unloading of vehicles.

Generally the multi pallet handler is widely used in all sectors characterized by heavy handling of palletized products. Thanks to its high performance this attachment has already achieved great success in breweries and the soft drink industries. Continue reading

Bale Clamps

Micron supplies a wide range of bale clamps for all applications; pulp, waste paper, cotton, tobacco, foam and more. A variety of capacities, opening ranges and arm finishes will ensure that you get the right model for your application.

A thin arm design makes tight bale stacking and knifing between bales easy. Valve blocks and hydraulics are well protected, yet easily serviceable. The bale clamp has a frame design based on special double T-profiles. This feature combines extremely rigid and light design with excellent visibility through the arm carriers. Continue reading

Paper Roll Clamp

Paper Handling

Micron has been the leading supplier of solutions dedicated to damage free paper handling in Southern Africa for more than two decades.  Micron paper roll clamps have been the primary choice for many of South Africa’s top paper producers, harbors and printing companies. Our country wide sales and service network provides paper handling expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, dedicated service and handling training. Continue reading