Licence to Lift

If a warehouse or storage facility is central to the functions of your business, you probably already know the value of a forklift and related accessories for streamlining and accelerating your daily operations. What many business owners don’t know or fail to acknowledge, is that forklift operators need specific training and accreditation in accordance with the law.


What if I Don’t Follow Legislation?

As an employer, you have certain responsibilities to your employees, just as they have certain responsibilities towards you and your business. Should anything go wrong and your forklift operators are unlicensed (regardless of how many years of experience they have), you put yourself at risk of prosecution as per the Department of Labour. Any business that strives to run smoothly needs to have respect for regulatory compliance.

Training and Accreditation

The type of training provided should run parallel with the African Qualification Authority and National Qualifications Framework. Trainers must be well versed and experienced with Driven Machinery Regulations, including authorization and consent from the Chief Inspector thereof.


All About Courses

The duration of forklift operator courses vary according to who provides the training, but 5-day courses are available. Most well-designed courses will focus on theory as well as practical applications and there are training providers who offer in-house training services. The certificate itself is valid for 2 years and thereafter, needs to be renewed.

How Will this Benefit Your Company?

For starters, you’ll save yourself the trouble of potential legal problems from non-compliance. Safety standards will increase, as will productivity and efficiency. Your staff will have a greater understanding of all forklift operations, leading to better maintenance of your machinery and reduced risks of damage to equipment.


Know More, Do More

If you want to explore accreditation regulations further or are looking for anything forklift related, including attachments and accessories, feel free to contact Micron Engineering or visit their website for sound advice and quality supplies.