Appliance Clamp

Micron appliance clamps are widely used in the handling of ‘white goods’, both in factories and warehouses, as well as other types of materials packed in cartons. The large surfaced arm pads, along with the high-friction vulcanized rubber lining, allow load handling with a reduced clamping pressure. This grants safe handling and reduces load damage risk. The arms have a rigid structure in order to ensure a uniform clamping force on the load surface.

I-Move:  The intelligent solution to damage-free handling of white goods.

In the white goods industry the handling problems caused by the use of incorrect clamping force create a serious risk of damaging products. Insufficient pressure results in the product being dropped while too much pressure can crush it.

The i-move integrates all the technical features of the standard appliance clamp with the most advanced technology in hydraulics, electronics and controlling clamping force.

The system is based on the detection, through laser and ultrasonic sensors, of the type and configuration of the load. The control unit commands a proportional valve that defines the correct hydraulic pressure in the clamping cylinders and therefore the clamping force necessary for the specific case. This sequence takes place instantaneously.

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