Pallet Inverter

Micron pallet inverters are designed to provide a reliable, economical and efficient means of inverting loads. Pallet inverters allows the transfer of product to pallets or slipsheets, freezer spacer removal, damaged pallet exchange or damaged carton replacement. It also provides a system for damaged product recovery from the bottom of the product stack.

The unit load is placed into the stationary load inverter with a second pallet on top. The product is then clamped at the required pressure by the top of the clamp arm. The stationary load inverter is then rotated 180 degrees and the load is transferred to what was the top pallet. The clamp is then released.

Loads can be loaded via a forklift truck, hand pallet jack or both. Special sizes, rotations and pallet changers available on request.

Brochure: Pallet Inverter – English

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