Paper Roll Clamp

Paper Handling

Micron has been the leading supplier of solutions dedicated to damage free paper handling in Southern Africa for more than two decades.  Micron paper roll clamps have been the primary choice for many of South Africa’s top paper producers, harbors and printing companies. Our country wide sales and service network provides paper handling expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, dedicated service and handling training.

Micron paper roll clamps are designed for heavy duty handling of horizontal and vertical paper rolls. A wide range of capacities and openings ensure that the right model is always available, regardless of the size of your project or the dimensions of the paper roll.

Dedicated models are available for single roll handling as well as multiple roll handling. Standard mounting hooks and a possibility to use a wide variety of specialized mountings ensure that these clamps can be fitted to any lift truck.

Intelligent Paper Roll Clamps

The CTXR, ‘intelligent’ model paper roll clamp utilizers advanced microprocessor technology to control the main hydraulic functions of the paper roll clamp. This results in the paper roll clamp using the minimum amount of clamping force which prevents paper roll out-of-roundness.  When the ‘intelligent’ paper roll clamp is selecting the correct clamping force during handling, it takes the following factors into account: paper quality; roll weight; roll diameter; contact pad friction, roll wrapper friction; environmental factors and dynamic factors.

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CTXR Clamps
Paper Roll Clamps