Tygard Claw / Layer Picker

The Tygard Claw is a proven time and money saving layer picking attachment. Tygard Claw is the exceptional, four-way pressure sensitive, layer-picking forklift attachment that out-preforms all layer-lifting attachments on the market. The revolutionary Claw is durable and easily attaches to any brand of forklift truck.

The Tygard Claw is built to improve distribution order fulfillment operations quickly through increased productivity, reducing product damage, decreasing labour, increasing accuracy, decreasing injuries and increasing profit.

Micron offers two Tygard Claw units. The first is a front mounted unit (fork mounted), which quickly splits full pallet loads and adds or removes layers to pallets maximizing pallet rack and warehouse cube utilization. This front mounted unit is flexible and attaches / detaches in less than 2 minutes without tools making the forklift truck versatile to perform a number of operations. The second unit is a side mounted unit and uses a guide rail system for fast, economical pallet building.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suozOtlzHZ8

Brochures: Tygard_Claw