Choosing the best company to supply you with forklift attachments.

Specialised Fork lifts designed for your unique needs.

One of the primary challenging tasks in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities is that of removing & placing loads form the storage racks, providing or delivering the components to the assembly line operations, loading and unloading of the trailers in yards and positioning variety of loads for handling processes.


These tasks are performed in many industries which includes Aerospace, Automotive, Food & Beverages, Construction, Consumer Goods industry, E-commerce, retail and wholesale industry which is further fueling the utility and adoption of forklift trucks market on the global scenario. However, Limited number of suppliers for specific components is acting as hindering factors considering the growth of Forklift trucks market across the globe.

What Are the Most Common and Useful Forklift Attachments?

When it comes to handling a wide range of materials in the supply chain or warehouse, you cannot limit yourself to standard pallet trucks. To meet customer needs and diversity, forklifts should be able to move different types of product. This may require different types of forklifts or at least specialized forklift attachments.

Probably the most common accessories are forklifts. These allow both forks to move horizontally side by side in order to align better with the pallets. This allows the lift operator to make small shelf adjustments without having to lift the entire truck.

Similar to the side slider, the fork positioners allow the forks to move the tines horizontally but in a different way. Fork positioners allow the teeth to move closer or farther apart, allowing the operator to adapt to different types of pallets or handle non-standard material

What you should know about the attachments for the forklift.

Equipment managers and forklift operators should know more about attaching forklifts more than what they do. Here are a few things your team should always remember.

OSHA requires all operators to be trained on all new forklift attachments you use, even if they have previously been trained without accessories on the same forklift. The forklift trucks themselves count towards the capacity of your forklift truck. Remember to do this when you work.

When using a new forklift attachment, the weight distribution is likely to be different from the standard forklift use without this attachment. This is one of the reasons for the need for further education. For legal reasons, any forklift equipped with an attachment is technically “partially laden” even if the forklift itself does not carry a load.

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