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Forklift Bale Clamps & Their Purpose

Forklift Bale Clamp


Forklift bale clamps make it manageable to lift vertical and horizontal materials with a diameter of 300 mm – 1900 mm with a forklift truck. The coated contact plates and the bale clamp grippers with their thin design avoid damage to the material during lifting and moving, transport and when setting down in its destination. The integrated rotator with direct worm gear drive secures a rotation range of 360°. Subsequently, the material is always gripped securely and can be moved and set down with ease and precision and without damage with the forklift truck, even on up or down hills and ramps. A check valve is crucial to ensuring that the clamps always exert constant pressure on the material during transport. An adjustable pressure relief valve ensures that the clamps do not over exert pressure that could possibly crush the material.

Why Use a Bale Clamp? - Forklift pallet-less moving and lifting of just about any type of baled material such as paper, cotton, wool, synthetic textile bales, corrugated, newsprint, rag, hay and steel scrap bales coverts into savings in moving time and storage costs.

When Can I Use a Bale Clamp? – Many times with an awkward load, you can’t just count on a standard set of forks to safely and efficiently move and carry what you need it to. A lot of the time the width and thickness of forks will hinder you from getting under a load or worse scenario, the material could be damaged by the attempt. This is why Forklift attachments like Bale Clamps are a great forklift accessory to add onto your forklift to assist your business move what it needs to move.

How do Bale Clamps Work? – Forklift Bale Clamps are hydraulic clamps which can be used in order to lift bales of any material without utilizing a pallet for the load. This type of forklift accessory is handy if you’re piling or relocating a whole lot of materials. With two hydraulic side bars that clamp onto the side of the bale and with the rear frame to keep the load in place, this great accessory for forklifts is lightweight but still tough enough to withstand loads of wear and tear.

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