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Different Types of Forklift Forks

Different Types of Forklift Forks


There are many different types of forklift forks that are accessible in the forklift market. Different types of forks are mainly designed for different types of work. Getting an appropriate fork for your forklift would result in perfect performance, less material loss and improved efficiency of productivity. Read more below to know more about the different types of forks that is designed for different purposes and to make work that much easier.

Forks often wear and tear over time and need replacements. There is a variety selections of forklift forks being manufactured on the market, based on the work to do and different makes of forklifts and models. According to the availability of your budget, one can choose from new as well as used forklift forks available.

Forklift forks can be mainly categorized as the hook type and the pin type. The hook type forklift forks; These changeable forks bend over and get securely locked into the fork carriage’s bar. To properly install these forks into the carriage, both the hooks of this forks easily slide into the end of the carriage bars, for a snug fit. Normally forklifts with the load lifting capacity of more than 7 tons, make use of a hook type forklift fork.

The pin type forklift forks; These types of forklift forks are fitted to the carriage of the forklifts with the assistance of a shaft or a pin and are well-known as pin type forks. There is a small slot on the top of the fork through which a shaft slides in, to secure the fitting to the forklift. It is through this pin that the fork is properly fitted to the carriage of the forklifts. Normally, the forklifts that are expected to carry large loads make use of pin type of forklift forks.

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