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Most Frequent Question about Forklifts



How should I know which forklift I need?

  • You’re right in asking this question because having the right forklift for your application and work environment is essential for safety and smooth productivity. And, the line of Forklifts is extensive. If you don’t know which type of forklift you need, don’t stress about it too much. Every Forklift dealership has salespeople on hand who are qualified to do a construction or factory survey at your location. The site survey will identify the forklift, or forklifts, that would best suit you and your business based on your acquired needs.

What attachments can I add to my Forklift?

  • It would be best to purchase your forklift attachments from the forklift manufacturer or dealer and that the manufacturer installs the attachments and provides training or assistance to install attachments. Majority of manufacturers offer a number of forklift attachments for various applications. Furthermore, it’s crucial to know that adding attachments to your forklift can, and likely will, change the capacity rating. Anytime attachments are installed to a forklift, the data plate should be updated to reflect the change in capacity rating, for safety purposes.

How often does my Forklift need maintenance?

  • Your best option would be to sign up for a planned maintenance agreement when you purchase your Forklift. A long-term planned maintenance agreement guarantees that your forklift will be maintained at the proper times by a qualified forklift Technician. Leaving no down time and productivity may run smooth, with less stress all round.

Does it really matter which replacement parts I put on my Forklift?

  • The honest truth is, yes. Your Forklift came complete with all Genuine Parts, for its brand. If you start replacing it with cheaper parts on your Forklift, you’re really compromising its durability, effectiveness and long-term value. All parts should be provided from the manufacturer.

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