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Choosing the best company to supply you with forklift attachments.

Choosing the best company to supply you with forklift attachments.

Are you looking for a company that designs, manufactures and sources the best products for forklifts? Here’s all you need to know and more.

How big is their variety?

You ultimately want a one stop shop when it comes to forklifts. If you can get all you need from one place that’s convenient and time consuming. The bigger the variety and range they better for you. Quality products at your finger tips is exactly what you are looking for.

Customer service, professionalism and experience.

Does a company thrive on customer service, going that extra mile with a friendly smile? This always makes a difference for not only the first point of sale but for long term relationships and recurring sales. Professional employees to drive the brand, if they can answer any and all questions at the drop of a hat, they are perfect to purchase from. Experience is a big topic dealing with forklift machinery like this.

After sales support network.

Choosing a company that thrives in after sales is always a bonus for us as consumers. That’s dedication to going the extra mile. The first point of sale is only the beginning and creating customer satisfaction to ensure a long-term relationship is the company you want to invest your time and money with.

For quality forklift attachments contact Micron Engineering.

Visit our website to view our product range www.microneng.co.za or drop us an email, you can find the relevant departments on our website, alternatively leave your details on our submission form and we will get back to you. Give us a call on 086 11 Micron or 011 421 0738.