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A Few Forklift Safety Tips

Forklift Safety


Below are a few easy tips to follow to ensure safe operation of forklifts in the workplace. Even though these tips are straightforward and quite basic but yet they are a good starting point to support workplace health and safety requirements.

Operators Should Be Qualified

  • In order for a forklift operator to handle a forklift, they should have their qualifications, and all training needed and have a valid license to operate the equipment. This is to ensure the operator and forklift aren’t damage or brought any harm.

Correct Clothing Should Be Worn

  • The foreman should ensure that all forklift operators wear the appropriate safety wear and equipment, normally consisting of a hard hat with protective glasses, safety boots and reflective gear.
  • The clothing and safety equipment should be a perfect fit for all operators, as any loose clothing could possibly be caught in the machinery.

Examine Equipment Before Use

  • Forklift operators should always do a pre-check of the equipment before using them. A few important things you should check for is if there are any faults with the brakes, steering wheel, controls and levers, warning devices and lights, mast and tyres.
  • Any damages or faults found should be dated and repaired before put back in the workplace. Saving the data of the repair also helps with future repairs and to know how old certain parts of the forklift are.

Starting up the Forklift

  • The forklift operator shouldn’t start the forklift until they are perfectly seated with their safety belt fastened with all mirrors and check points clear and all parts of their body are safely inside the confines of the operator’s cabin or the forklift.

Surrounding Environment

  • Whilst operating a forklift you must always pay attention to your surroundings and follow all work site rules and guidelines, to ensure safety for others and including yourself. The forklift operator must only drive the forklift in the designated path ways.

Operate at a Safe Speed

  • Never exceed the recommended speed limits within a workplace and when cornering never speed as it is easy to tip the forklift and harm yourself or others and the equipment.

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