The Importance of Selecting the Right Forklift Attachment

The Right Forklift Attachment

There are many businesses in and around Johannesburg that make frequent use of forklifts to handle heavy or hazardous loads. Unfortunately, not many of them understand the full importance of carefully planning handling activities down to the letter, especially as far as selecting the right attachment for the job is concerned. The fast-paced nature of business can make it all too tempting to take shortcuts or to improvise where you can. But what is a small saving in time and money really worth to you?

To help you avoid any unnecessary disasters due to using the wrong forklift attachment, here are a few crucial reasons why you should always have the right tools for the job.

You risk damaging goods

Having the incorrect attachment poses a risk, firstly, to the materials with which it is being used to handle. Even minor accidents could result in expensive losses in stock as the result of damages caused by an avoidable accident.

If you are handling materials for clients, the risk goes beyond simple materials. Botching a job due to inappropriate machinery will get you nothing but an angry client and a bad reputation.

You might put your equipment in danger

Forklifts are remarkably expensive to buy, and can be pretty costly to repair as well. By fitting it with an attachment that is not suitable to either the task, environment or vehicle could well result in damages being suffered by the forklift itself, or by related equipment.

For those who own their own machinery, replacements and repairs can be expensive enough. But for those who are renting machinery, good luck talking your way out of that one.

You could cause injury or death in personnel

Perhaps the most grievous concern with regards to using incorrect forklift attachments surrounds the risks they pose to personnel, either in your employ, as a benefactor or as someone touring your workspace; though generally when such accidents occur, it is the operator of the forklift that comes off the worst.

When working with heavy machinery and bulky loads, accidents are around every corner, and having inappropriate machinery will do nothing to avoid them.

Serious injuries, dismemberments and deaths happen more often than they should in workshops, storehouses and factory floors, and in many cases, they could be avoided by simply investing in the right equipment.

Contact Micron Engineering for assistance

There is no doubting that selecting the right attachment for your forklifts is essential for maintaining workplace safety and minimising damages or downtime. For assistance with selecting and obtaining the right forklift attachment for the tasks of your business, be sure to contact a consultant from Micron Engineering today, or take a look at our website for further information.