Why Forklift Bale Clamps?

Why Forklift Bale Clamps

Forklift bale clamps make it more manageable to lift materials. The forklift bale clamp avoids damaging the bale or material during lifting and moving. This specific clamp can be used for many materials such as; paper, cotton, wool, synthetic bales and hay plus many other materials.  Bale clamps are a great forklift accessory.

Types of bale clamps

-          Bale clamps 360ͦ (ZRB)

  • Bale clamps(ZB)
  • Bale clamp, pulp bale clamp 360ͦ(HBR)
  • Bale clamp with rubber faced arms(HBG-T)
  • Bale clamp, pulp bale clamp(HB-T)

Clamp benefits

  • Handles a load faster, safer and more efficiently
  • Improves productivity
  • Decreases the damage to loads

What is a clamp?

Clamps are used commonly in industries like agriculture, construction, paper handling, food and beverage. There is a number of types of clamps to suit your exact application needs, below are listed ones;

  • Fork clamps are used to clamp awkward loads between the forks.
  • Bale clamps handle nearly any type of baled package.
  • Appliance and carton clamps handle packaged loads in a warehouse of some sort.
  • Load clamps for foam blocks are used for non-palletised blocks of polystyrene or rubber.
  • Hay clamps are for bundles of hay to be gathered and moved.
  • Concrete block clamps are for all concrete blocks to be handled.

In order to use a clamp you need to have a forklift that can carry heavy loads. Forklifts have become a big part in the industrial and commercial work areas. You will need a trained and certified operator to operate the forklift properly and to know the safety concerns behind it all, they will also be evaluated every three years. Your forklift will also need to be registered for use.  There are benefits to having a forklift like saving money over time, it will improve the safety of the workplace, will have lower maintenance costs and reduce the insurance cost due to the forklifts not damaging the goods being loaded.  Micron Engineering can assist you in forklifts as well as any services or accessories that you are in need of so please do not hesitate to contact Micron Engineering or visiting our website.