Safely store forklift attachments

One of the most beneficial aspects of owning a forklift is that you don’t have to rely solely on one vehicle to perform essential workplace tasks. Forklift attachments can quickly convert a standard forklift into a cherry picker, a powered floor sweeper, a trash or debris collector, a crane, a scale, and other valuable tools.

Other forklift attachments enable you to move unusually shaped or difficult-to-move loads like carpet rolls, barrels or drums, or cargo nets. Furthermore, forklift fork extensions allow you to lift larger pallets, heavy equipment, and other oversized materials.

However, your forklift attachments will only be helpful if they are available when you need them. That is why it is critical to keep your forklift attachments in a secure location where they are always ready to use.

Plan your forklift attachment storage

Experienced technicians know the importance of organising their tools. The same can be said for forklift attachments. So don’t be surprised if you can’t find a particular forklift attachment in the back of the garage the next time you need it or if it has been damaged by being buried beneath a pile of heavy materials.

Storage methods that work

Ideally, separate storage areas should be set aside for each forklift attachment you own. They should be kept together in a dry, safe, out-of-the-way corner, away from other materials or equipment that could damage or conceal them. That way, they can always be accessed when necessary, and the chances of them being in working order are increased.

Space-saving measures can be implemented to reduce the space required to store forklift attachments that are only used occasionally. Those used the most should be placed near the front of the storage area for easier access. In addition, forklift attachments like forklift extenders, for example, can be stored vertically.

Like any other tool, forklift attachments are only as good as the care you give them. Storing your forklift attachments in a secure location ensures they will be available when you need them to help you work better and smarter.

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