Enhancing Forklift Efficiency And Versatility With Fork Attachments

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Forklifts have revolutionised material handling in industries across the globe, providing efficient and reliable solutions for lifting and transporting heavy loads. One critical factor contributing to the versatility and functionality of forklifts is the availability of a wide range of fork attachments. These attachments allow forklift operators to optimise their equipment’s capabilities, increase productivity, and adapt to diverse material handling tasks.

Fork extensions

Fork extensions are a popular attachment that provides added flexibility to forklift operations. By simply sliding these extensions over the existing forks, the reach and carrying capacity of the forklift can be extended, enabling the safe handling of longer and bulkier loads. Micron Engineering offers high-quality fork extensions designed for durability, stability, and ease of use, ensuring optimal performance and enhanced material handling efficiency.

Side shifters

Side shifters are invaluable attachments that allow operators to move loads laterally without repositioning the entire forklift. With the hydraulic adjustment mechanism, operators can effortlessly shift the forks to either side, enabling precise alignment and placement of loads. Our side shifters are engineered with precision, offering smooth and controlled side-shifting capabilities, reducing the time and effort required to position loads accurately.

Fork positioners

Fork positioners are essential for operations that frequently handle loads of varying widths. These attachments enable the automatic adjustment of the forks’ spacing to accommodate different load sizes without manual intervention. Our fork positioners ensure quick and efficient fork adjustment, allowing the operators to optimise productivity and minimise downtime associated with manual fork adjustments.

Pallet jacks

We offer specialised fork attachments that transform forklifts into highly efficient pallet jacks. These attachments feature hydraulic pump systems and forks explicitly designed for lifting and moving palletised loads. By equipping forklifts with these attachments, companies can streamline their material handling processes and achieve seamless integration between palletised and non-palletised loads, enhancing operational efficiency.


To handle specific types of materials such as cartons, bales, or drums, forklifts can be equipped with various clamps. Our clamps provide a secure grip on these materials, ensuring safe and efficient handling. With options like carton clamps, bale clamps, and drum clamps, forklift operators can adapt to different material handling requirements, expanding the versatility of their equipment.


Rotator fork attachments enable the rotation of loads while they are lifted, allowing for tasks such as inversion, dumping, or pouring. Our rotators provide smooth and controlled rotation, ensuring the safe handling of delicate or hazardous materials. These attachments are particularly useful in manufacturing, construction, and recycling industries, where precise load positioning and manipulation are crucial.

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